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Lisa Kennedy Spiritual Life Reading

Lisa Kennedy Spiritual Life Reading


With this reading, I will connect with your Spirit Guides to find out any information related to the topic of spirituality and how it's affecting your life.

I am a natural, true, honest, and real psychic channel to the spiritual world. In this psychic reading, I will connect with your Spirit Guides and ask them to share any message or messages related to your spiritual life and/or development that they feel you need to read about the most. If they do not say anything, (which sometimes happens) I will refund your payment.

Spirit Guides, when I give them permission, actually step into my body to communicate. I use a form of mediumship where rather that speaking to an external Spirit and passing those messages along to you, the Spirit steps into my body, and uses my body, my language, and my gestures to communicate to you for itself or their selves...

Establishing a relationship with your Spirit Guides is a very pure and positive way to receive advice, second opinions, clarification, or guidance about anything going on in your life. That's what they're there for. And, without even realizing it, you've definitely must have heard from them at different points in your life. I'm just highly aware and gifted at knowing how to connect with them directly.

Once I've established a connection, I will email you a channeled, word-for-word description of everything or anything said to me copy/pasted directly in Etsy's messaging.

God Bless you...

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