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SAME DAY Psychic medium reading | One-Hour | Phone call, text, or online chat

SAME DAY Psychic medium reading | One-Hour | Phone call, text, or online chat


PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, I can only list a handful of these as available each day until sold out. I created this listing because I've had a lot of interest in people wanting to contact me sooner, then later. These are ON-CALL 1-hour sessions available everyday between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern time. I'm offering these sessions for clients who'd like to be able to reach me same-day for a chat. Please send me an email here on Etsy after you make your purchase to see where you're at in the daily queue. Wait times fluctuate, so please have patience. I get to everyone in the order in which incoming requests are received.

I practice evidential mediumship, which means I'm able to link with the spirit world and verify I've made a connection with the right spirit by relying messages as the spirit is talking to me that ONLY YOU could ever possibly know. I pick up on everything from names, initials, birthdays, dates of death, number of siblings, how the person passed away, to secret inside jokes, favorite memories, or things currently going on in your life that the spirit wants to address and talk about... I've had people cry on me and laugh with me, and that's OK! That's what I'm here for! I do what I do because I genuinely love helping people, and for many who have never experienced a mediumship reading -- these sessions can be healing and forever change their hearts and beliefs...

When placing your order, please let me know your time zone. I read and schedule for people from all over the world. And yes, I am able to communicate with people who speak other languages. As an example, I have successful passed along messages from Japanese, Polish, Italian, and other cultures without any interference in the language or culture barriers. In fact, I hear I've said goodbye before in Chinese without ever even knowing what that meant. And yet, it's how a Chinese relative told me to say goodbye for them.

Aside from your timezone, please also let me know if you prefer to connect over phone call, platforms like Whatsapp, or even through text messaging. Some customers prefer to talk over the phone, while others like to go back and forth in writing so that they can re-read things back to their self at any time. On my end, I'm able to make successful connection using any style that's most comfortable for you. So please let me know you're preference. And so you know, less is more. I do not need to know any prior information about who you'd like to connect with. And yes, I am able to land connections with specific people on the other side. I've actually become known for this ability, as I've been told by customers that not all mediums will allow people to choose or invite forward whoever they want to speak with. Instead, most mediums will simply pass along messages from whoever is passed away and around you. I am even able to pick up on children or babies who have passed away, as sad as that is to type out loud. But, I do what I do to bring spirits peace and connection. And I take what I do very seriously. Please email me if you have any other questions.

By the way, I do offer these readings through video calls but through a different listing. So if you were hoping to schedule a face to face video session, please look for the other listing or email me if you're having trouble finding it.

God Bless

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    Hello. Please let me know if you prefer phone call, text, or talking through Etsy messenger, etc. I also need to know a rough idea on what time range you'd be available between now and the next 24 to 32 hours.

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