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Psychic Reading: Live Video Call, Mediumship Reading, OR Spirit Guide Session

Psychic Reading: Live Video Call, Mediumship Reading, OR Spirit Guide Session


This is a video call where we schedule our reading for a face to face conversation... I became popular here on Etsy for my unique ability to channel everything I hear "word for word" both from those who have passed away and also from spirit guides. When you book this reading, please let me know if you prefer to communicate with someone who passed away or with your spirit guides because the energies are very, very different and intention means everything in these types of readings...

I practice evidential mediumship, which means I'm able to link with the spirit world and verify I've made a connection with the right spirit by relying messages as the spirit is talking to me that ONLY YOU could ever possibly know. I pick up on everything from names, initials, birthdays, dates of death, number of siblings, how the person passed away, to secret inside jokes, favorite memories, or things currently going on in your life that the spirit wants to address and talk about... I've had people cry on me and laugh with me, and that's OK! That's what I'm here for! I do what I do because I genuinely love helping people, and for many who have never experienced a mediumship reading -- these sessions can be healing and forever change their hearts and beliefs...

Spirit guide sessions are also very, very evidential in nature because I'm able to pick up you past, present, and future with details and accuracy that at times can seem very bazaar. Therefore, spirit guide sessions are particularly useful for anyone seeking spiritual guidance on any aspects of your life. I am also known for my health readings, as I am also a medical intuitive. I don't fully know the mystery behind how I'm able to do what I do but one thing I know for sure is that I read with a lot of heart and soul. I truly do what I do to help people. I've dedicated my whole life in service to these connections. And, I appreciate everyone who finds their way to me. I truly believe we all cross paths for a reason. God Bless.

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