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Psychic Mediumship Development: Private Sessions

Psychic Mediumship Development: Private Sessions


PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited to 2 students per month; Private/One to One/Individualized Sessions; Dates To Be Determined; Must Be Comfortable Using Zoom and/or some sort of real-time connection; Includes 3 sessions, approximately 45 minutes per session; You Will Learn How To Do Mediumship Readings Through Doing Them; Includes an assessment of where you are in your abilities

Summary of Private Sessions:

-- Practicing mediumship readings on other people via real-time interactions
-- On-hands practice with written readings/one-way communication, otherwise known as blind readings
-- Sessions are less lecture based; and HEAVILY focused on exercising/ strengthening the psychic senses
-- Recieve real feedback as you practice
-- Practice overcoming social anxiety/ fear-based mental blocks that stunt psychic growth
-- Gain the meat & potatoes of being able to DO real mediumship readings, minus all the fluff you've read a million times over

I've created this listing due to the needs, wants, and demands of both regular and new clients that I've connected for throughout my many years of experience here on Etsy. Most of you know my story. I come from a generational bloodline of practicing psychics on my mother's side, yet A LOT of indigenous roots absorbed from my father's side as well. After a spontaneous kundilini and spiritual awakening, I began channeling spirits without knowing how to control or understand what was happening to me. Ironically, it was a Catholic priest who convinced me I was gifted, and not crazy. He encouraged me to keep going, and to always write down my messages. From there, I volunteered years of service connecting for random strangers, but it was very draining and eventually I couldn't handle working in a traditional workplace anymore. I was too sensitive. Then, with the birth of my first child, I became even more psychically aware and in tune. That's when I realized all of this was happening to me for a reason. The universe was drawing me out of my comfort zone and into my soul's purpose as a lightworker to help others at a time where Earth needs more healers. I am a channeler, a medium, and a psychic. It's who I am. But, it's who you can be too! We live at a time when psychic readings are steadily increasing in popularity, in some cases even replacing traditional counseling, therapy, professional opinion, and so on. That's A LOT of responsibility all on one person, and ethically I hold that need to very high regards. But recently, many have told me about an ongoing need for real, authentic connections. And, they've expained to me how hard that is to find nowadays. When people seek spiritual advice or desire to connect with someone they love who has passed away, they might be in a vulnerable state of mind. They aren't asking to be scammed or taken on a wild goose chase. They are looking for good, honest psychics, and they deserve that option. The seers of the world have always served others throughout our history here on Earth. Mediums, the real ones, are timeless. We've always been around. And, for those of you who know me I truly am the "real-deal" not because I say so, but because you guys have given me that title, NOT because I've asked for it. I'm far too humble for that. In fact, I don't even like having too much attention on myself. But, I've come to realize that my sensitivity is a double-edged sword. It's natural, and it comes with the territory. So I embrace my sensitivity, and I push myself to do better and reach higher every day out of my love and care for myself, Spirit, and all of you. And, for my higher purpose to help, heal, and guide others... I've built a really good reputation for myself and I'm appreciative of my link to the Spirit World, BUT as most of you know I am a FIRM believer in everyone possessing psychic ability. The difference between me and most is I've learned how to access that doorway, which now I'm at a point in my life where I'd like to share that torch so that flame doesn't live and die with just me. In this lifetime, I've come to the realization that because there's clearly a need for other real, authetic psychic mediums, I'd certaintly like to help other people open up their psychic senses so we can build a community of real ones. With where the world is currently heading, and as more and more people crave a deeper sense of spirituality, there will always be a need for the lightworkers of our time to rise up and hone our primal, natural connection to Spirit. And remember, Spirit is what you are. It's what you're made of at the most purest level of your existense. I can help you feel, hear, see, and understand that connection, NOT just for yourself, but so you too can help others, if you decide to -- in the same way that I do. We have just one life to live, so I say we might as well ALL spread that light together... May this offering only attract those who are meant to cross paths and ready to take this journey... God Bless!

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