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30-Minute Chat With Your Spirit Team

30-Minute Chat With Your Spirit Team


This is on of my most popular readings. I'm known on Etsy for my unique channeling ability and strong connection to people's spirit guides. I invite you to confide in your soul's Spirit Team through a live, 30-minute psychic channeling session over the phone, texting, or online chat via Etsy messaging.

Psychic ability has run in my family for generations. Whenever I open up my heart for a channeling session, I allow a Spirit Guide from your Spirit Team to sit in my energy field so they can use my body as direct line for the purpose of imparting divine wisdom, advice, guidance, or clarity about your soul's experiences in this lifetime.

I do not need to know details about your circumstances in order to provide you with messages from the other side. However, I do encourage you to prepare a list of questions, concerns, areas of growth, etc. that you wish to talk about with your Spirit Team because it's easy to get lost in the moment and forget the things you really wanted to discuss. I want you to really enjoy yourself and get the most out of your session. The ancient practice of channeling has been around for millennia, so each and every session is respected as a sacred experience...

Your Spirit Team is usually made up of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, loved ones who have passed away, and other divine specialists such as Arch Angels or Ascended Masters. Most of your Spirit Team have been with you since birth and they work together to help you throughout your soul's mission on Earth. Others may step in and out during transitional moments in your life.

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