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About Jovana

I am a natural, true, honest, and real psychic channel to the spiritual world. What makes me unique as a psychic is my channeling abilities. Basically, I use a form of mediumship where rather than speaking to an external Spirit and passing those messages along to you, the Spirit literally steps into my body, and uses my body, my language, and my gestures to communicate to you for itself or their selves...

In all of my psychic readings, I will either physically or telepathically link with your Spirit Team to channel their divine advice, second opinions, clarification, or guidance about anything going on in your life. Your Spirit Team can be made of many different Spirit types. I can channel spirit guides, animals, totems, ancestors, gods, goddesses, trans-species, plants, ascended masters, star beings, and light beings.

At this particular moment in my life, I've noticed that my channeling is mainly bringing forth spirit guides and light beings. Light beings are also known as angels. The other Spirit types that I mentioned earlier are more rare. However, for certain people, they definitely do come through.

Everyone is different, so I never really know what to expect until the moment I tune in and start channeling. Every Spirit is different too! I know I categorized the more well-known Spirit types, but in the spiritual world there are so many possibilities that exist out there. In my experience, Spirits have unlimited shapes and forms. And, that's definitely a huge part of what makes my psychic readings exciting -- every experience is brand new and special.

Psychic Medium Jovana
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