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Practicing evidence-based mediumship since 2012.

I am a natural, true, honest, and real psychic channel to the spiritual world. What makes me unique as a psychic is my channeling abilities. Basically, I use a form of mediumship where rather than speaking to an external Spirit and passing those messages along to you, the Spirit literally steps into my body, and uses my body, my language, and my gestures to communicate to you for itself or their selves...

Psychic Medium Jovana
Psychic Medium Jovana Flowers

What people are saying...

"Jovana was absolutely delightful and such an amazing spirit to have talk to my son. Thank you for your care & love. I can't wait til our next one.  Thank you, thank you, thank you." -Katy

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Join the conversation to learn, help, or be inspired. Our community is a safe space to get authentic answers not found anywhere else on the internet.

Psychic Medium Jovana Flowers
Psychic Medium Jovana Flowers


In today's fast-paced world, it's less about gaining access to information and more about what to trust, believe, or how to understand. On my blog, I take a teaching approach and tackle all things spiritual based on what's worked for me, personally.

Psychic Medium Jovana Flowers
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